I am trying to start business selling Sheitels. Does it require a Hechsher, because of Indian/Avoda Zara hair used? If yes, is there a reliable Hechsher on it?


Most Rabbonim have long ago settled the matter and determined that it is a non-issue. There are some anti-Sheitel zealots* who have jumped on the bandwagon to make another brouhaha out of this issue. They are not quieting down and now claim to have “new” “information“ on the matter.

An excellent rebuttal of their claims in this matter can be heard on the famous Headlines radio program by Rabbi Dovid Licthenstien.

Listen here and here.

As far as I know, there is no reliable Hechsher. At least, those who are making the storm about this issue, claim so.


* Indeed, that is the right term to use here. Some even destroyed a Shul and Sifrei Torah due to its Sheitel wearers. They continuously falsify information and quotations in their anti-Sheitel rhetoric.