After giving myself a hair cut do I need to wash Negel Vasser with a Keli? (If I want to say Tehillim or learn Chassidus)


A Keli is not necessary. Some are Machmir to wash three time with a Keli. (א)


Q. Is it enough to pour a few drops of water on my hands and then rub them together?

A. No, It must be on the entire hand.


Q. Is it enough to just rub my hands on clothing?

A. For Davening if no water is available one may rub on clothing; this only cleans the hands but does not remove the negative spirit till one washes with water. (ב)


Q. Does it make a difference if I am the one cutting my hair or if someone else does it?

A. No. (ג)


Q. Does it make a different if I get a hair cut or just trim one strand of hair?

A. No. The custom however is that at an Upsherenish one does not wash their hands. (ד)



(א) כבכל הנטילות משום רו״ר חוץ מנט״י שחרית. וראה שמע שלמה ב א-ד. ויצבור יוסף ב, א.

(ב) שו״ע ד, כב. אדה״ז שם א. א״ר שם א. תהל״ד כד וכז. כה״ח קא.

(ג) יפ״ל בקו״א, קונטרס יושר לבב, יח. כה״ח ד, צב.

(ד) ראה כה״ח פלאגי ח, כז והובא בכה״ח סופר ד, סח. הליכות שלמה ב, י. תשוה״נ ב, ה.