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Bein Hametzarim (The Three Weeks) FAQ’s: Haircuts


Who? Both men and women1 refrain from cutting their hair during this period.

Facial Hair: This includes all facial hair as well as hair anywhere else on the body.

Children: Adults may not cut children’s hair.

Eyebrows etc.: We are also restricted from trimming or waxing eyebrows, mustaches and the like, even hair around the private parts.23

Mustache: If the mustache interferes with eating4, it may be trimmed.

Tshup: However, it is permissible-indeed it is a mitzvah-to cut a forelock (tshup, in Yiddish) during the Three Weeks.

Upshernish: When a boy’s third birthday falls during the Three Weeks, the upshernish is delayed until the tenth of Av after midday. This however does not include the other customs associated with the upshernish, such as wearing tzitzis, saying the morning brochos, Birchas Hamazon and the bedtime Shema; these should begin on the day of the birthday.

Sheitel: Until Rosh Chodesh Av, it is permissble to cut and style a sheitel and it is not considred cutting hair. Concerning the time after Rosh Chodesh, see further in the laws of the Nine Days [link].





  1. A woman may cut hair for reasons of modesty, as well as in preparation for mikvah (even for an immersion following Tisha B’av, as we refrain from trimming three days before immersing).
  2. A woman may remove body hair that could render her unattractive to her husband, even during the Nine Days.
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  4. The same applies to a moehl whose mustache interferes with performing a proper metzitzah.