There is a Yid on an island near me, with no Shliach, or any Frum Yidden whatsoever. They are having a baby boy in a few weeks and the borders are closed. Should they wait until the borders open to have a mohel fly in, or is there something else they should do?


It should be בשעה טובה ומוצלחת.

A Bris must be done by a qualified mohel, not a doctor etc. I can not think of any options other than waiting for the borders to open, unless an arrangement can be made where the mohel can travel to the border on one side  and the baby till the border on your side.

Hopefully the borders will be open by the time the baby is born.

Sholom Zachor should be held the first Friday night regardless.

It should be noted that if the baby name name needs to be written before the bris for documents, forms, etc,  the parents may write the name (preferably) without verbalizing it. See #712.