May one shower after the Mikvah if there is an issue with body odor?



I have a talmid, a chassidish bachur who has an issue with body odor. He perspires heavily and I spoke to him about this in a respectful manner. One of the issues is that he does not shower after using the mikvah. Several other bachurim have mentioned that although he is a nice guy, the smell bothers them.

I explained to him that although it is a minhag chassidus not to shower after a mikvah, I believe in his case he should shower. I told him that obviously, going to the mikvah does not preclude someone from showering the rest of the day and mentioned to him that perhaps he should shower when he comes back to the dormitory, but he mentioned that he does not have the time due to seder hayeshivah. I believe that if he sees a teshuva from the Rav that he will feel comfortable showering.



In this case, it is a necessity for him to shower according to halacha.


See here:

Halacha #604: Showering After the Mikvah—for Men

One option is to do the head and body separately.



ראה צי״א יא, סד, יד.