Is there a problem with seforim being in the same room where diaper changes happen?



We have a changing table in the kids’ room for diaper changes. the kids also have a bookcase of their own seforim. I just don’t know how to juggle the concept of bayis maleh seforim and kids having seforim in their room with the practicality of it being a child’s room. My boys all share a room and asthey get older they’ve amassed a collection of their own personal seforim BH. A friend told me it was a problem but I ignored her. I had to rearrange the room to add my son’s crib and now the bookcase and changing table are next to each other. I could potentially move the bookcase out of the room but I feel like that goes against the whole Inyan of kids having seforim in their room. What should I do?



Please see here:

Halacha2go #354: Changing Diapers in front of Sefarim


A few options:

  • You can cover the sefarim with a sheet while changing (easy),
  • You can stand in a way that you block the view of the sefarim (might be inconvenient and impractical),
  • Build doors for the bookcase (best but may be expensive),
  • Put sefarim somewhere else leaving just each child’s chumash, siddur, hagadda, tehillim, and (lehavdil) tzedaka box (these are the specific ones the Rebbe requested should be in the room) and make sure they’re covered.