Full Davening or Chitas?



Before Corona when my kids weren’t home I would try my best to daven and say Chitas every day. Now with my kids home and less time available, is it better to daven a condensed woman’s davening so I have time for Chitas or to daven the whole davening even if it means that some days I won’t have time for even a minimum amount of Chitas?



Davening the minimum required sections comes first. After a woman davens the basic required davening, the rest is optional. She can choose to either do Chitas or complete the rest of davening.

In my opinion, Chitas which was instituted as a requirement by our Rebbeim takes precedence.

For minimum requirements for women, see here:

Minimum for Women’s Davening


בענין תקנת חת״ת לנשים, ראה #9101:

Can a few women split the daily Chitas between themselves?


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