If I had to interrupt after putting on Teffilin Shel Yad, should I now answer to all “lower level” devarim shebikdusha?



If I had to interrupt (to say Kedusha for example) in between putting on Teffilin Shel Yad and Shel Rosh and therefore must say an additional Bracha, do I revert to no longer answering “lower-level” devarim shebikdusha (like the amen on Chonen Hada’as), or I should answer them?



You should answer all those things (excluding things that are a minhag — like V’zos HaTorah for example — and not obligatory). The reason is because there is no longer the concern that answering those devarim shbikdusha will cause an unnecessary Bracha, because you will say that second bracha regardless.

The same rule will apply in putting on Rabeinu Tam’s Teffilin and for those who follow the custom of wearing Teffilin on Chol Hamoed, albeit without a bracha.



אם כבר הפסיק בין תש”י לתש”ר בדבר שמותר להפסיק, האם מותר לו עתה כבר להפסיק לשאר עניות?