What is the guidance of koshering freshly frozen chicken liver at home? Can I use oven for broiling?


It permissible to roast in an electric oven with the following conditions (there are those that are stringent and necessitate that roasting be done on an actual flame).

  1. Preheat oven prior to broiling.
  2. Grill on a grate specifically for liver.
  3. ‏Place underneath it a designated tray to collect the blood (ensure that the grate doesn’t touch the tray).
  4. While grilling, the door of the oven is to remain open.
  5. Upon completion, it’s incumbent to clean the oven very well, and afterwards to self clean the oven.

(The grate and tray used in the process of grilling are prohibited from using until they are cleaned and Koshered.)

The process:

Wash off thoroughly all visible blood, slice it in a criss cross fashion in several places (if it is beef or calf, not chicken), salt lightly, place the cut side down and roast well on an open fire with nothing between the fire and the liver except a wire net. It should be rotated several times over the fire so it broils well on all sides. Rinse afterwards three times.

If roasted within three days it may be boiled afterwards; if roasted after three days it may not be boiled anymore.

All drippings are non kosher and thus the pan catching these drippings must be koshered.

See Halacha2go.com #354.