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Can I use a private street Eruv?


Full Question:

This Shabbos an Eruv was constructed by a few of my neighbors. The Eruv was constructed in front of a number of houses, and included the sidewalk in front of these houses. It was built, in order to make it easier for people to carry their Siddurim, to participate in a porch Minyan on their block.

I know the Rabbonim have prohibited using an Eruv in our community, for various reasons. Is a sidewalk Eruv also problematic?

Although it was created for current use, it’s probable the Eruv will stay up indefinitely.

Can I use this Eruv?



The Beis Din does not approve of such an Eruv unless it would have an actual fence with doors.

Additionally, making an Eruv on a public sidewalk is not allowed since the area belongs to the city.




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