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Waking up a friend to say Shema before sof zman


When waking a friend for Shema in the morning and he would not be willing to say Berochos before Shema. Should I wake him up and tell him to just lean on his left in bed and say Shema? 


Yes. But he should say at least Birchas Hatorah. Even just one beracha of Birchas Hatorah.

Even if he’s not willing to do that, you should still wake him up to say Shema.


What if he wouldn’t either want to wash negal vasser, or I’m waking up a lot of Bochurim and don’t have time to bring them all negal vasser before the Zman passes. Should they say Shema without washing?

You have no obligation to bring them negal vasser. They should say Shema even if there is no negal vasser. They should at least rub their hands on anything which will clean it. But you should wake them up to say Shema even if they won’t do the bare minimum of cleaning their hands.



ראה בארוכה כאן.