When hair falls out from someone’s beard, is it necessary to put it in a Sefer? It always made me uncomfortable opening a Sefer and seeing it.


There are various sources that indicate that this was a common practice amongst tzadikim, due to the holiness of their beard.

However in more recent times, many Poskim have decried this custom, especially when placing into a sefer that does not belong to oneself, due to its being repulsive, disrespect to the sefer, causing bitul Torah (prevents others from using it), etc.

This is especially true if one would normally throw the hair away, but places it in a sefer only while learning.



להעיר משו”ע אדה”ז כא, א, שיניח הציצית בספר לסימן. ומשמע שבל״ז אסור.

כן להעיר משבת סד, ב בחוטי שער חברתי’ דמאיס. ובכ״מ שלא להחמיר על חשבון אחרים (ראה גם לקו”ש ח”ה ע’ 148).

וראה הנלקט בקובץ בית ועד לחכמים (קרית יואל) ח”ו ע’ תיב ואילך. והאריך בזה בס׳ שערים מצויינים בהלכה לאחי שליט״א זבחים יח, ב – ע׳ קסב.




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  • Mendy May 26, 2021 - 2 years ago

    So if I find hair in a Sefer may I throw it out?

    • AskTheRav May 31, 2021 - 2 years ago

      Yes, unless it is someone else’s Sefer

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