Mezuzah in a bungalow that we wont live in for more than 30 days



We are traveling upstate to stay in a bungalow house. I expect us to stay there for 1-2 weeks, and we might do this a few times this summer. In other words, I don’t expect us to be staying there for 30+ days at once. Is there a need for a mezuzah? And if there isn’t, can mezuzahs be put up anyway for extra protection?



If the bungalow house is owned by you, you need to place mezuzahs all year around.

If the bungalow is rented, and you stay less than 30 days, a mezuzah is not required according to halacha. However, the Rebbe advised someone to have a mezuzah near his bed (with a double cover if needed). For that reason, some people take with them mezuzah for protection even in places that the mezuzah is not required.



מזוזה גם במקום פטור – אג”ק ח”ד ע’ קנט, ושם כתב להדיא “לאו דוקא על מזוזת הפתח”. ובעוד כ”מ הורה לשאת מזוזה – ראה לדוגמא אג”ק ח”ו ע רנד. ח”י ע’ רלט. לקו”ש חל”ו ע’ 299.