Kabbalos Shabbos on Zoom



I know we can’t do Kabbalos Shabbos on Zoom, as that’s when we actually accept upon ourselves Shabbos. My question is: Can I do a Zoom singing session and sing the l’cha dodi stanza outside of davening – and even do it before mincha so that it won’t look as if we’re doing Kabbalos Shabbos on Zoom, but will still give people a Shabbos-like experience? Thanks so much for your time.



For the very reason that you want to do it – to give people a Shabbos-like experience – it is a problem. If in their mind they are experiencing Shabbos, then they have accepted shabbos on themselves. Although halachically one only accepts Shabbos by borchu, for a non-religious crowd this would appear like Chilul Shabbos because they won’t understand the difference.