Would this medical remedy be permitted to drink on Shabbos?



I have a question regarding Refuah on Shabbos.

I have a rare case of acid reflux which affects my breathing. Every time I eat my stomach creates an overdose of acid which comes up and gives me a difficult time breathing. I have discovered a good remedy for it. Every morning I drink a cup of water with a spoon of apple cider vinegar in it. As soon as I started taking this my breathing immediately improved. The reason this works is because I am sending a high dosage of acid to my stomach before eating anything else. My stomach realizes it has enough acid and does not overproduce negative acids when I eat. If I do this consistently for a few months it may permanently fix my ph levels and IYH make the condition go away.

Am I permitted to drink water with apple cider vinegar on Shabbos morning? It is the typical apple cider vinegar used in salads and recipes. It is not a medicine it’s just a very acidy drink which helps my breathing.



Yes, you may drink it.


ראה ציץ אליעזר חלק ח פרק טו. ועוד ששניהם מאכל בריאים בנפרד. וגם עדיף מחושאיב״ס כיון שמכביד על הנשימה.