Now that we cannot Daven with a Minyan and must Daven at home, am I allowed to Daven in my bedroom if it is the most quite and easy to concentrate location? Is it important – as far as Davening is concerned -, that I make my bed, and make sure the room is clean?


Ideally, one should Daven in a place which has windows which are facing towards Yerushalayim. Rashi (Berachot 34b) explains that windows are an aid to concentration, as one looks heavenward and is humbled.

It is proper that the room be clean so that one can have a tranquil mind, however, this is only a preference but not an outright requirement. Thus the main thing is that the room be clean from odors and the like.


See Shulchan Aruch Admur Hazaken 90:1,4.


Is there an Inyan not to learn Torah or daven in a room where someone is sleeping or within Daled Amos of a Jew sleeping because of the Tumah?