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Can I measure baby formula and water on Shabbos for my baby?


If there is a need to measure baby formula on Shabbos, one may do so.

However it is proper that one should not be absolutely particular on the exact measurements. No electronic weights may be used.

Of course if this can be done before Shabbos without compromising on the health of the baby, then the measurements should take place before the commencement of Shabbos.



ראה שו”ע או”ח סי’ שו סעיף ז. אדה״ז שם יח. שכג סעי’ א ברמ”א. רמ״א רעו, א. אדה״ז שם ו. רמ״א שכח, יז . אדה״ז שם כב. שו״ת אור לציון ב, כה, ב. וראה גם שמירת שבת כהלכתה עמ’ תר.




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