How can I enter my building on Shabbos if the door can only be opened with an electric key?



I need an electric key to enter the building I live in (attached is a picture of the key). On Shabbos, they try to put something in the door that it shouldn’t lock, sometimes though some גוים from the building take it out and it gets locked. The question therefore is:

1. Can one carry this key on their bendel on Shabbos?

2. Can one give the key on Shabbos to a goy passing by (and ask them) to open the door

Note, there is no other way to enter the building!



The key is Muktzah given that its primary purpose cannot be used for Shabbos. It therefore cannot be touched with one’s hands. If it is the only key on the Bendel, you would not be able to put the Bendel on or take it off with your hands. However, you may attach the key to a Bendel which has other regular keys that are at least as significant, and the Bendel may then be put on and taken off, but without touching this actual key. [Although it would normally be ideal to remove Muktzah keys before Shabbos, this is not a requirement.]

Asking a Goy to open the door for you, would be permitted, being that it is a Psik Reisha. Also, it is a Shevus Dshevus in a case of reasonably great need.


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