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I am a doctor. There is an open office space in an existing medical practice that I would like to sublease from the existing medical practice…


Full Question:

The medical practice is of an OB/GYN. I asked them if they perform abortion and they said they do not. One of the OB/GYNs said that she would prescribe an oral medication (before the 8th week) if there is a patient that requests it.

The question is: are there any halachic issues to subleasing an office space from this OB/GYN practice?

The sublease would mean that I would be paying this medical practice to use an office room and exam room in their office.



Permitted to sublease.



It is forbidden for a Jew and a non-Jew to perform an abortion. It would also be forbidden in many cases to prescribe an oral medication that could cause an abortion.

Although one should not support forbidden behavior and theoretically the same could apply to a non-Jew who is transgressing their 7 Noahide laws,  we do not find in Shulchan Aruch a prohibition to do business with one who does not keep Shabbos. By renting the space of this clinic you are not assisting them to prescribe abortion medications.


Mishna Shvi’is 5:6 ; Rambam Hilchos Shmita V’Yoval 8:1;

See also Teshuvos Vehanhagos vol. 1:805 & 2:195.





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