Is there any way sunscreen is permitted to be applied on Shabbos?



Suntan lotion which is in cream, ointment or thick, slow- pouring oil form, is forbidden to be used on Shabbos, as it may be a violation of the Shabbos Labor of ממרח.

Any lotion which is liquidy to the point that it pours very fast is permitted. A spray would also be permitted. However, there are those who are מחמיר.

(This does not fall under the category of taking medicine on Shabbos, as sun lotion is not considered medication, since its purpose is not to heal but to protect.)

Thicker liquids may be diluted with water on Shabbos before applying.


Sources: Da’as Torah O.C. 328:26, Tzitz Eliezer 7:30-2

ראה גם חלקת יעקב או״ח קנב. מעדני שלמה ע׳ קד. תשובות אביגדר הלוי רד. נועם שבת ממרח ג, יח