Mesora & Kashrut of Chickens



It has recently been brought to my attention that there are those who question the kashrut of poultry irrespective of the shchita or shochet. It sounds like they suspect mixed breeding between kosher and non kosher and are questioning the mesora.

I would like to know how rabonei Chabad stand on this issue as well as the rationale for the opinion of our rabonim. Thank you.



I don’t know if there is a standard position among rabbonim in Chabad. To the best of my knowledge, most rabbonim dismiss this concern with regard to the standard broiler, rock Cornish, (Cornish and  barred Plymouth rock) white leghorn etc.

Among Rabbonei Chabad Rabbi Landau a”h was very outspoken about dismissing these concerns, and also against the new braekel. See here.

P.S. Some of the reasons of the Rebbe Maharash regarding accepting ״ענגלישע הינער״ (assumed to be turkey, but see attached) in Igros Kodesh p. 8,  also support the current practice.



וראה גם מש״כ בשו״ת הצ״צ יו״ד סוסי׳ ס. וראה שם רעו.

ובנוגע לעופות שבימינו – וראה תשוה״נ ז, ק. קונטרס פולמוס העופות תשע״ז. קובץ עץ חיים באבוב כה. שם לב. ס׳ עוף השמים.