Davening Maariv Early on Motzei Shabbos



I go to a ספרדי shul for הקהלת קהילות (motzei Shabbos) and they daven Maariv earlier. Can I daven with them before Shabbos comes out? If yes – how early? Is this לחתחילה?



If it’s already tzeis hakoachavim, you may daven with them. Tzes Hakochavim for this purpose – see here:

1. What would be preferred, to Daven Maariv early with a Minyan (in a case where one Davened Mincha after Plag), or to Daven Beychidus after Tzeis? 2. In general from what time can one start Davening Maariv Lechatchila?

You must however be careful not to do any melacha until the time of Motzai Shabbos.

If however they daven even earlier and you are always particular to wait until Tzes Hakochavim, you should not daven with them, and even rather daven biyechidus. See above link.