Does the Chazen need 6 Mispalelim to say Chazoras Hashatz or he can begin as long as there are 9 answering?



I Daven in a Minyan where we usually have exactly 6 that begin Shemone Esrei together…

Do we need to wait for all 6 to finish Shemone Esrei to begin chazaras hashatz if there are others who can answer in the room?

I.e. Can the shliach tzibur begin chazaras hashatz if one slow davener didn’t finish and 4 who finished plus 5 others before yishtaboch can answer? Or do all 6 need to finish Shemone Esrei?

What if the shliach tzibur finishes first, the other 5 are in the middle of Shemone Esrei and there are 9 others who can answer… May he do chazaras hashatz?



Lechatchila the Chazan should wait for all six to finish Shmone Esrei. However, if the Chazan already started or if one person is davening slow and the others are not ready to wait, there is room to allow the Chazan to do chazaras hashatz before all six finish Shmone Esrei.



ראה שו”ת אמרי יושר ח”ב סי’ ט, א. וכ״ה בשו”ת מנח”י ח”א סי’ נז – בנדו״ד. וראה שם ח”ב סי’ קלב.

והמצויין כאן:

If the Minyan has less than 6 that are holding together right before Shmoneh Esrei….

ובאמרי יושר ובמנח״י התירו רק בדיעבד. ובלא״ה, אינו לכתחילה, כיון שצריך להמתין עליהם בכדי שיענו קדושה – ראה שו״ע אדה״ז נה, ט. קכד, ה.

ולהעיר מלשון הטושו״ע ודאדה״ז רסי׳ קכד: לאחר שסיימו הצבור תפלתם יחזור ש”ץ התפלה. והרי ששה המתפללים כולם בכלל הציבור. אבל אין הכרח שמעכב.




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  • Yakkov July 26, 2022 - 1 year ago

    Does this apply to Maariv as well?

    Is it best to wait for the original 6 to finish Shemone Esrei Before reciting Kaddish?

    Or can the shliach tzibur recite Kaddish even if 6 in total (including himself) haven’t finished Shemone Esrei But there are still enough in room who can answer the Kaddish to make Rov Minyan?

    • AskTheRav July 26, 2022 - 1 year ago

      You should wait for those which are davening word by word so they can answer Kaddish as well.

      However, you don’t have to wait for someone who is davening at length.

      שוע”ר שם.

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