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If store-bought blintzes are are served for lunch, is the Bracha for them Hamotzie since it’s a Kvius Seudah?

Is there a difference if they’re fried on a pan (with only a bit of oil) or baked?

It seems like they would be hamotzie. Is that correct?



Blintzes are made with a very liquidy batter and mostly other liquids besides water. Therefore, the Bracha is Mezonos.

If you eat the amount of four bei’im and are full from the blintzes, or 21 Bei’im even if you are not full, you should wash and make a Hamotzi on a piece of proper Hamotzi bread. Otherwise, it is Mezonos and Al Hamichya.

If it is fried:

  • If it is lightly fried just so that it doesn’t stick to the the pan, it is the same as baking and the same same rules apply.
  • If it is deep fried, the Bracha is always mezonos, even when eating large amounts as above.
  • If it’s lightly fried, it is questionable, but one may be lenient and always make mezonos.

This applies to the initial frying if done by the company. However, if you purchase them from the store, refrying them at home won’t change its status (unless it loses completely its form).



 סבה”נ פ”ב ס”ו-ז. קצוה”ש סמ”ח בבדה”ש סק”ט בנוגע לטריתא. וראה כאן:

What is the Bracha on pancakes?

אבל בטיגון שהעיקר שדינו כבישול, ואיכא תלתא לריעותא, מי פירות, טיגון, בלילה רכה, ועד שהוא כטריתא לענ״ד אין להחמיר כולי האי.




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  • Yisroel July 27, 2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Just to clarify – if it’s being served as lunch and I will be full due to other things that are being served as well like potatoes or salad, and I’m having less than 4 bei’im of the blintzes, it still is mezonos?
    In other words, is kvius seuda determined only by the size of four bei’im or more, or sitting down to have a lunch (as opposed to snack) considered to be a kvius seuda?


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