Stirred Pasta in a Milchig Pot with Fleishig Spoon



I have a milchig pot (not used for a few days) that was used to boil pasta and was stirred by a fleishig spoon accidentally. The spoon was possibly used the night before for chicken soup. (It was on the drying rack – so it’s pretty likely it was used the night before)

What’s the din? I’m pretty sure the food and spoon are ok – but not sure about the pot.



You do not need to Kasher the pot, if either you had 60 times the spoon in contents of pot, or if you aren’t certain spoon was used in past 24 hours. The spoon is fine.


ואף שכתב הרמ”א סימן צד סעיף ה ונוהגין לאכול המאכל כ(ב)מין ולאסור האינו ב”י, אינו אלא חומרא בעלמא, וכאן אפשר ששניהם אינם ב”י, וגם מסתמא יש ששים.