How to properly wear my Gartel alongside the Kittel belt?



My Kittel has a belt attached to it that can’t be removed. Would it be a problem to wear my gartel directly on top of the belt when going outside? Or would I need to wrap my gartel on my kapata and under the kittel?



One should not wear 2 belts one on top of each other, (שוע”ר סי’ שא סמ”ב).

There are 3 options:

  1. You can wear the gartel under the Kittel.
  2. You can wear the gartel on top of your tallis.
  3. You can also not tie the belt of your Kittel and put the gartel there.



שם סמ”ו כיון דהרצועות אינם חשובים ה”ה בטלים אל הבגד. וכ״כ לעשות במשנ״ב שם ס״ק קלה בשם הפמ״ג.