Can I fry in a Fleishig Deep Fryer during the 9 days?


Q. If I have a deep fryer, in which chicken was fried, thus rendering the oil Fleishig, is it permissible to use that oil to fry something Parve during the 9 days?

A. No. The general rule is that anything considered Fleishig that one would have to wait to eat Milchigs (see here in regards to this case), may not be eaten in the nine days.

ראה משנ”ב סימן תקנא סקס”ג וראה פת”ש יו”ד סימן שמ”א סק”ג וז”ל: עיין בתשובת נו”ב תנינא חי”ד סימן רי”ד בתשובה מבן המחבר שכתב דאונן מותר ברוטב של בשר ולא דמי למה שכתב המג”א בסימן תקנ”א ס”ק כ”ט ע”ש.


Q. What if the deep fryer was cleaned thoroughly and new oil supplies? Would that make a difference? 

A. Yes, then it would be allowed.