Can I Own a Non-Kosher Hotel?



I would like to purchase a hotel as an investment. The current arrangement in place is that a worker on salary does all the work, and lives there as a free tenant. I am not sure if there are any Halachic issues involved here. A friend of mine explained to me that there are a number of potential issues and he recommended that I contact your site. Thank You!



There are a couple of issues that need to be dealt with:

1. Non-Kosher food: One may not engage in business with Non-Kosher food. One solution to this is to have the food dealt with through a non-Jewish third-party caterer or restaurant. In this way, the hotel owner never owns the food, and the third party uses whatever food is easier and cheaper for himself. Some items (like milk and meat, chometz) are more stringent. See here:

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2. Work on Shabbos: You would need to make a Heter Mechira with a competent Rov.

3. Profit on Shabbos: May be taken care of through the Heter Mechira, or by setting up the charge that it includes part of Friday or Sunday. This can help even if the customer chooses not to stay so long.

Since these Halachos are complex, one should consult with a Rov on all specifics of this.



1. רמ”א יו”ד קיז, א. ואף שבש”ך סק”ג כתב להתיר ליתן לפועלים בביתו כיון שאינו דרך סחורה, מ”מ נראה שכאן הוי דרך סחורה, וע”ד מש”כ הפר”ח סק”ג. והעצה הוא ע”ד דברי החת”ס בשו”ת סימן קח.






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