Teaching Torah & Chassidus to Non-Jews



In our Chabad house I give a Shiur, which (as of now) has one Yid attending and a couple of Goyim. Can I teach Chassidus? I heard that it’s ok for Goyim to learn topics like Hashem’s Yichud. Is this correct?



It is ok to teach them about unity of Hashem according to Chassidus, or about any of the seven mitzvos for Benei Noach as they are explained in Chassidus.

Additionally, you may teach any part of Torah, if on your part you are teaching the Jews and the goyim are just listening in.



אחדות ה׳ – לקו״ש כה ע׳ 191. זמ״צ ב״נ – ראה אג״ק כג אגרת ח’תרפב.

כשמלמד לבני ישראל – ראה אגרות משה יו”ד ח”ג סי’ צ’, שרידי אש יו”ד סי’ נ”ה-נ”ו, ועוד.