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May one place their Ma’aser in investments/stocks?



(Obviously with prior stipulating that if any of the ma’aser/principal/capital will get lost in the process of investing I will nevertheless make sure to give that amount to ma’aser).



The practice of borrowing money from Tzedakah and ma’aser for personal gain, is highly questionable at best, and in most cases outright forbidden.

Even under the conditions where it may be permitted Halachically, it is still not encouraged.

One should trust in Hashem that their own finances will benefit through the bracha of עשר בשביל שתתעשר, which we can be more worthy of, by giving the ma’aser to their designated recipients without delay or questionable practices

If there seems to be a compelling gain for the benefit of the Tzedakah funds by investing it, one should consult with a Rov as to when and how to go about it, as there are a number of conditions with that as well



ראה יו”ד רנ”ז ס”ג ורנ”ט ס”א ובנו”כ.

וחמור מזה שהרי עושה סחורה בפרתו של חבירו. ועושה עושר ולא במשפט. והעיקר שאסור להתעסק בכספי צדקה בהשקעות ואין זה כספו שיוכל להשקיע בעסק.

וראה של”ה מס’ מגילה אות כ”ח שדין מעשר כספים הוי כצדקה העומדת ליחלק וצריך להיות מזומן מיד (לשרת צרכי הציבור אם לעניים או למוסדות)

ואם אכן השכר לעניים – ראה בשו״ת צי״א יד, עב בארוכה.


Also see here (as to how often ma’aser should be separated):

These days, when for most people their paycheck comes in form of a check/bank transfer, and most charges (including Tzedakas) are done via credit card, what is the ideal way to give “separate” Maaser? Is, by making sure the Tzedakas given during the month equals the amount of Maaser required, enough?




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