Can we read Megilla with a microphone this year (5781), due to Covid?


Question Continued:

This year it is nearly impossible to get 100 people to be socially distanced hear Megillah. As Shluchim, we’d like to make a drive in event. Would reading the Megillah on a microphone help in this case in any way, shape or form?



No. A microphone may not be used for the Megillah reading, nor can the obligation of hearing the Megillah be fulfilled via telephone or live hook-up.

I would suggest you to contact other Chabad Shluchim to find alternatives (which are Halachically acceptable) to approach this present issue.


אג״ק כג ע׳ שד. לקו״ש כא ע׳ 496. וכבר העירו הרבה על זה, בעיקר בשנה שעברה, בגלל המצב הנוכחי.


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