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Writing to the Rebbe and Receiving an Answer Through Igros Kodesh



Is there halachic discussion of the practice of writing to the Rebbe and receiving an answer through Igros Kodesh? It seems pretty clear that the Rebbe does indeed answer, but it also seems pretty clear that it’s a little scary for some people, so I would like to know what halacha has to say, if anything.



There is an old age practice (brought in Shulchan Aruch) of asking a child what Posuk he learned that day, and from the content of the Posuk one could learn out what action to take.

Regarding opening seforim of Tanach and “finding” answers in Pesukim, there is much discussion amongst Poskim whether it should be done or not.

In any event, from the Rebbe it is clear that it is an accepted custom, and it may be done. Look for instance in Toras Menachem 5749 volume 1 page 309 where the Rebbe discusses a source to look for answers in Tanach, and in Sefer Hasichos of the Frierdiker Rebbe 5687 page 174 where the Frierdiker Rebbe relates how he himself did so.

It goes without saying, that this practice can not replace consulting with one’s Mashpia, Chassidishe Rabbonim and and Doctors (that are friends), as the Rebbe clearly stated many times, and more so following the passing of the Rebbetzin.


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שו”ע יו״ד סי קעט ס”ד וש”ך סק”ה.

ועיין בספר שיורי ברכה מהחיד”א שם אות ו’. ערך לחם שם. אבל ראה בני יששכר מאמר חודש סיון מאמר ה מעלת התורה אות יא. וראה עוד כו”כ מקורות וציונים בספר חקרי מנהגים (גורארי’) ח”ד סימן קו באריכות.




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