What is the Bracha on Cholent?


Q1. What is the Bracha on Cholent made of potato, barley and meat, where barley is all disintegrated?

A. Mezonos.


Q2. What is the Bracha on Cholent made with cholent mix beans, meat, potatoes and brown rice?

A. Assuming it does not have barley, you would make the requisite bracha based on which ingredient is the primary ingredient. If no ingredient can be defined as primary, which is usually the case as all are considered of equal importance, you would follow the bracha of the ingredient which is the majority.

If any of the items other than the meat are the primary ingredient or the majority, some say the meat still requires it own Bracha, as meat cannot become secondary. To avoid this issue, one should in this case make a shehakol on another food. See about this here:

What Bracha do I make on a stir fry with chicken and vegetables?


If it does have barley, the Bracha is Mezonos as above in question #1.