We were learning about Tznius and a few questions came up…


What is the standard for the Crown Heights community as far as Jeans? Is it accepted or not supposed to be worn?

Jeans skirts should not be worn. They are not Tznius.

Many are Makpid about the denim fabric in general, even if they are loose and long. A Bas Yisroel is encouraged to always act in a dignified manner, like royalty. While it’s understood that sometimes people want to relax and dress casual, but it should always be in a refined manner and reflect who we really are. Obviously, we would never stand like this in front of the Rebbe, or L’havdil when attending an employment interview.

There are varying standards within our community, but those in the community who are extra particular about dressing in a dignified manner are very Makpid about this.


Are we allowed to wear Red? What about little red details?

A garment which is all red or majority red is forbidden for a woman to wear since this color portrays a feeling of “Pritzus” (free-ness or promiscuity) and it brings to sin. By wearing this color, one transgresses on the Torah prohibition “one shall not go in the statutes of the goyim” for this is how the Goyishe officers and women would dress. See Rema (Yoreh Deah 178:1) in the name of the Maharik.

See also the Shach 178:3, who mentions that the color black is Tznius and brings nullification to the yetzer. (Of course, only if the garment is also Tznius in nature.)

Shevet Halevi (6:24, 2) explains that one should not wear clothing of a color that stands out. This applies particularly to bright or strong colors, where the intention of the designers is often to attract men to pay notice to them.

If there is only a slight amount of red which is not intended to attract attention it could be acceptable, however, this depends on the general look of the garment, something which is difficult to describe in writing. It goes without saying that it is not only the color of the garment which determines if it is Tznius or not, but also the style and fit of the garment.

Red shoes should not be worn, unless only partially red or it’s not actual red, rather maroon or burgundy.


How do we know what height heels are OK? Is there a general “rule”?

The Rebbe once stated that Sara Emeinu’s life revolved only around Kedusha and she was not involved in the petty mundane issues of life. The example the Rebbe used was trying to wear Davka high heels.

High heels which stand out and attract attention are not Tznius to wear. Heels which don’t stand are acceptable.


Is there a maximum length that hair or Sheitels can be? Why?

The main idea is that the wig should be Tznius in nature that is, that the hair should not be long and wavy.

Rabbi Mordechai Ashkenazi Z”L, Rov of Kfar Chabad, put out a letter to the Beis Rivka seminary in Kfar Chabad (16th of Shevat 5773) in which he expressed the position that the wigs should not go past the shoulder length. This is the accepted position of Chabad Rabbonim worldwide, as well as other contemporary Poskim.

See Halacha2go.com #214.


What colors are allowed to be worn for nail polish?

Any nail polish color and makeups which are ostentatious to men should be avoided. This includes red or any other bright and strong colors. See Shulchan Aruch Even Haezer 21:1. Aruch Hashulchan (ibid:1).


Is there any ruling about wearing overalls?

It is not clear what you are asking.

Overalls are pants. It is forbidden to wear pants in front of men. What are you asking?