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Chanukah Message:
Has the Yevonim’s ideology infiltrated our community?

Recollections about Harav Dovid Levi a”h Weiss, on the occasion of his Yahrtzeit


#55: The Vaccine Debate


#51: COVID-19 Vaccination: What Does Torah Say?
Click here to read a transcript


#44: What if I can’t daven with a Minyan?
Plus: Do we say Chazak if we missed out some weeks of Kriah?
Amazing story shared by Rabbi Braun in today’s message


Special Lag Ba’omer wishes From Rabbi Braun


#43: The Message of Pesach Sheini
Beginning The Normalization Process


#42: Halachic Odds & Ends About the Quarantine
Plus: Has there been a change about Porch Minyanim? When will the Shuls open up?


#41: Stop Dreaming: 
A New Appreciation for Morning Berachos



#40: Achdus Goes Viral: Test Positive for Achdus / Social Conjoining vs. Social Distancing



#39: When will a vaccine be ready?



Please support AskTheRav.com
We are sharing with you a short recording from Rabbi Braun about the AskTheRav platform,
dedicated in memory of Horav Schwei a”h.



#38: The Risks and Wrongs of Routine



#37: Iyar: The Tales of a COVID-19 Mother



#36: How to deal with Quarantine Fatigue?



#35: The Positive & Negative Side Effects of COVID-19
Apropos the letter from the Beis Din and today’s episode, we share with you a recorded talk about this letter, focusing on proper safe internet usage (and also about utilizing this day Erev Rosh Chodesh appropriately). 


A brief addendum about safe app usage is also attached. Feel free to disseminate.



#34: Practical suggestions how to bring Moshiach
We are sharing a recording of Divrei His’orerus delivered by Rabbi Braun on the Tehillim phone conference today. We apologize for the audio quality.



#33: We Can Do It!
The Microscopic Viral Message: Just One Click.



Timely Messages shares with you a personal message & request from Rabbi Braun.



Purify the Air – Bring Moshiach!
Recording from Rabbi Braun about learning Mishnayos as part of a major campaign.
For more details, please visit www.purifytheair.org



#32: If Today Was The Last Day…



#31: What’s Even More Important Than Observing Mitzvos
(Plus: When Can We Go Back to Minyan Again?)



#30: Chassidic Outlook on COVID-19
(Plus Don’t Let Minyan Blind You!)



Kinus Torah: Why no porch Minyanim?
We are sharing a segment of the Kinus Torah from Rabbi Braun regarding outdoor Minyanim.



Important Guidelines for Patients
Over Three Day Yom Tov



#29: The Rebbe’s Kapital (Yiddish)
In connection with Yud Alef Nissan when we started reciting Tehillim ch. 119, we share a short audio clip (Yiddish) of a recent farbrengen with Rabbi Braun on this subject:



#28: A short note about today’s Rambam



#27: Every Yid Quarantined with Hashem Alone



#26: Erev Shabbos HaGadol
Inspire Yourself Before Shabbos Hagadol • Hashem is with you • Siyum Harambam



Shabbos Hagodol Drasha
Watch or listen to Rabbi Braun’s pre-Shabbos Hagodol Drasha



#25: Important Notice About Women’s Mikvah

Click here to hear the message 



#24: Yud Alef Nissan (The Rebbe’s Birthday)

We are sharing a recording of Divrei His’orerus delivered by Rabbi Braun on the Tehillim phone conference on Thursday 8 Nissan.




Infecting the Air with Positivity • A Seder Alone with Hashem • Moshiach Is Here 



#22: The Moshiach Virus

The א-ב-ג process • Dayenu • A Lifetime Opportunity • The Moshiach Virus



#21: Standing Strong under all Circumstances

You can be wherever you decide to be • Ever since the exodus from Mitzrayim we possess inherent, eternal freedom • A note about certain Halachos we can’t do this year


#20: Important Note about Mechiras Chometz

Click here to hear the message 


#19: Kol Haneshama: Appreciating every breath

VeChol Hahcayim: Korbon Toda – Thanking Hashem for everything we have/ The Mitzvos we can Perform / Why we Need Geulah / The only happy ending we should settle for is the Geulah / • No one is alone at the Seder



#18: Demanding Moshiach—Enough is Enough!

We are sharing a recording of Divrei His’orerus delivered by Rabbi Braun on the Tehillim phone conference on Sunday, 4 Nissan. We apologize for the audio quality.



#17: Chabad Chassidim can overcome anything!

Due to popular request, we are sharing a recording from The Rov’s inspiring words at the 770 phone conference farbrengen for Beis Nissan (100 years):



#16: Why take precautions when it has been predetermined?

Uploaded on: Friday, 2 Nissan



#15: Appreciating Hashem’s Kindness but Following Medical Guidelines.

What message is Hashem giving us?



#14: Rosh Chodesh Nissan

A month of miracles! / Bracha for Hallel / Hodu with 3 people / Nasi / No Tachnun / 11 Nissan / Korbon Pesach

See here for more about Rosh Chodesh.



#13: Hakoras HaTov

Thank You on Behalf of the Entire Community to Hatzalah, Doctors, Teachers etc.



#12: When not going to shul because of a mitzvah, and when not going to shul itself is a mitzvah

Doctors only have permission to heal / When all the chips are down… / Hashem is asking why we are not in shul / Our Tefillos are more powerful this way / Special Bracha for plague / The Angel of Death wants us to use Ketores / Closure of Yeshivos and schools / We still have Talmud Torah D’rabim / We are not close to Hashem…we are attached / Getting ready for Moshiach




#11: Why Did Hashem Take Away Our Mitzvos?

Unique Opportunity when Davening B’yochid / When Unable to Perform Mitzvos… / Be cations, but don’t over do it… / Simcha Brings Moshiach




#10: Do we Follow Statistics? and the Mitzva of Simcha 🙂

Hashem is in charge / We are not subject to Mazal / What do statistics mean for us according to Halacha? / Importance of Simcha / The Ruzhiner during Magaifa / Tranquility and Calmness / Danger of Anger / Calling Isolated People / Kibbud Av V’em



#9: Words of Inspiration from Rabbi Braun

In connection with the situation which we find ourselves in, we present Divrei Chizuk spoken on the worldwide conference call which took place earlier today (27 Adar).



#8: How to go about Pesach in the Current Situation?

Mitzvah of Simchas Yom Tov / “Better off having a red Matzah then a red Jew” / Anger and chometz are both Assur B’Mashehu / “Yisroel Kedoshim Heim” chumros vs. the extra and unnecessary / Actual chumros b’makom choli / Hiddur or chumra? / Practical Halachic guidelines on how to clean for Pesach instead of spring cleaning / Tevilas Keilim / Burning Chometz / Siyum for Bechoros / Ask for help!



#7: Brachos and Davening

100 Brachos every day / Definition of Chosid Shote / Preciousness of Jewish Body / Power of Tzedaka / Tefillah Now is De’oireisa / Where in Davening is our situation mentioned?



#6: Emunah and Ketores

Rabba Emunosecha: What is a Yid worth without Mitzvos? / All about the special Segulah of Ketores / Bringing Ketores more then twice in the Beis Hamikdosh



#5: [Post] Shabbos Mevorchim Farbrengens

When the Rebbe held a Motzoei Shabbos Farbrengen on a hookup… / Farbrenging with your family while having klal yisroel in mind



#4: How to Keep your Home Holy, Calm and Peaceful…

Why not make a public fast? / Trust in Hashem (machshava) and follow the doctors (ma’ase)! / Why wasn’t the Arizal bothered by missing Krias Hatorah while being housebound? / Did Rava close his windows physically or spiritually? / Get into your Teivas Noach – Transform your home into a Beis Hamikdosh! / And how is all this connected to Mםshiach?



#3: Hilchos Shabbos and Mikvah

How can one daven betzibur while being home and alone? / What is the upside of davening at home, alone? / Davening with a Mezumon (3 people) / Which parts do I add/omit while davening alone? / How long should I stand in the shower so that Tisha Kabin of water fall on me? / How many ‘Log’ are there in a Mikvah? / Can any liquid soap be used on Shabbos? / Gloves and mask outside on Shabbos / Using a thermometer on Shabbos / Davening for the sick on Shabbos.



#2: Divrei Chizuk and Hisorerus

Chovas Halevavos: Hashem is the source of compassion / Hashgacha Protis / Rashbash: Push away thoughts of depression in time of plague / Arizal: No anger and Machlokes / In quarantine: control our behaviors! / middas haemes / Plagues in Divrei Yemei Yisroel / Fasting, Tzedakah and Teffilah / Conduct in quarantine, alone like Hashem! / Quarantine when Moshiach comes!



#1: From צרה to צהר

The balance of Bitachon and Histadlus / How to counter the contagious Klipah? / Not leaving your home in time of a Mageifah