There is a Shabbos Minyan where the Krias Hatorah is so fast that it is impossible to follow. Am I Yotzei with such a Krias Hatorah? 

If you actually hear every word, even if it is quick, you are certainly Yotzei. Additionally, it is debatable if one is Halachically obligated to hear every word of Krias Hatorah.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that the Frierdiker Rebbe (ספר המאמרים קונטרסים ח”ב ע’ 790) has very sharp words regarding saying/hearing every word of Kriah properly. He mentions there that listening to Krias Hatorah carefully affects one’s children, health and livelihood. Therefore, it is suggested to attend a Minyan where you can follow along in a Chumash and hear every word properly.