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My family is going through a hard time and it’s negatively affecting me emotionally. I find that music helps me a lot. Is there room for listening to music during Sefira?


The purpose of not listening to music is, order to conduct ourselves in a state of mourning, due to the terrible tragedies that occurred to us during these days of Sefira. Just like we refrain from hearing music on Shabbos, regardless of the fact that it might pain us, we should do likewise during Sefira.

At the same time, refraining from music ought not to put us in “intense emotional pain”. If someone feels this is happening to him, it is worthwhile to investigate the cause. There could be some deep emotional issues which need to be resolved.

Certainly, if one is medically required – based on doctor’s orders or an assessment from a psychologist/psychiatrist – to listen to music, one may do so during Sefira too.





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