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Shopping for Clothing During Sefirah



Nowadays when we don’t say Shehechiyanu on clothing, is it still a problem to buy clothing during Sefirah? What about jewelry, coats, shoes or accessories?



There is a Minhag* with sources in early Poskim to not buy clothing during Sefiras Haomer (except for Lag B’omer). However, in a pressing situation (i.e., where one will have a financial loss, or they will be uncomfortable until new clothing is bought) and one can’t wait until Shavuos, one may buy clothing during Sefira (however it is best if it is first worn on Shabbos or Lag B’omer).

All this applies to clothing that are considered ‘Choshuv.’ However, regarding clothing which are less significant, there is more room to be lenient.


Follow up Questions and Answers:

OK. So practically, what is considered “Choshuv”? Does that mean regular weekday things are fine? – Yes.

Is there a problem buying, or more of a problem wearing? – Both.

What about jewelry and shoes, are they considered clothing in this case? – No.



*Although not mentioned in Shulchan Aruch, this Minhag is rooted, as mentioned, in early Poskim, including the Leket Yosher – in the Minhagim of the Baal Terumas Hadeshen and Teshuvos U’Psokim Chachmei Ashkenaz – Siman 69.




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