My 7 year old daughter dreamed that she lost her teeth. Does she have to make hatavas chalom? For which dreams should we make hatavas chalom? 


Hatavos Chalom should be done as well giving Tzedaka. Following this, you should ignore the dream.

Halachically most dreams are considered meaningless nowadays, and should only be deemed as a message for teshuvah, to awaken us to be focused on that which was always true.

In general, we are also not particular about dreams nowadays, because we don’t really know how to interpret them properly. However, a dream about losing teeth is among those mentioned to be particular nowadays as well.



ראה שו”ע אדה”ז רפח, ז.

בכללות ענין החלומות בזמננו, ובדעת רבותינו נשיאינו –  ראה בארוכה קובץ העו״ב גל׳ חגה״ש תשס״ט ואילך. וש״נ.