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May a man Tovel in a river on Shabbos?


One may Tovel in a river on Shabbos if it’s for the purpose of Mikvah.

However, one should be careful:

  1. Not to swim.
  2. Tovel only within 4 Amos to the edge, because one may not walk four or more Amos in a river (where the water is shallow and doesn’t cover most of one’s body). One should Tovel themselves in this shallow water lying down.
  3. When one exits the water, he should dry himself well so as not to carry the water (but one shouldn’t dry one’s hair with his hands).
  4. One should not place his clothes and towel four Amos away from where one is Toveling. Right when coming out, one will be able to dry themselves without walking four amos with water on their body.
  5. Tovel without clothing or with a clean garment/ bathing suit which is made from nylon or other synthetic material which in non absorbent. The garment must be loose for the Tevila to be kosher. One may put their clothing back on on top of the bathing suit.
  6. Do not push any of the floating dirt in the water.




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