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Is listening to Chabad Nigunim allowed during Sefira (with musical instruments)?


Does it make a difference if it is just the melody of the Nigun as opposed to with chords, or other types of harmony?

Are we more strict with this during the 3 weeks?



Generally, the Poskim do not permit listening to recorded music during Sefirah. This is because a recording is considered to be like an actual instrument.

However, in certain circumstances, it would be permitted. For example, if the music was necessary for one’s livelihood.

While some authorities do permit music which does not induce feelings of Simcha, this would not apply in the case of Nigunim, as many would indeed produce such feelings.

There is room to be lenient if the Nigunim are slow, being sung by a ‘Baal Me’nagen’, and the music is in the background but totally insignificant.

In general, we are more strict regarding listening to music during the three weeks over Sefiras HaOmer.



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  • Levi April 30, 2021 - 1 year ago

    להעיר מאגרות דה’ אדר תש”י – אגרת תקסב
    ”לפי עניות דעתי ישמח החתן וכלה בניגוני חב”ד וכיו”ב”

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