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I’m fixing my tzuras hapesach for my yard so I’ll be able to carry into my Sukkah. I remember once hearing that there is an issue if there is something in between the two ‘doorposts’, like high grass or trees. Can you please clarify this for me? 


There is a machlokes in a case where the door frame goes over house or a car. Even in such a case there is room to be lenient. If it goes over a tree, even if the branches are tall 10 tefachim and are close to each other,  and are there’s much less reason to be stringent, as long as it possible to go through, unless when you’re standing on the side of the tree it is impossible to see the rope or the sticks on the side. If there is a an area of 4 tefachim where one can pass through it is certainly not an issue.


ראה חז״א ע, יט. שו״ת הר צבי או״ח ב, יח. י. שו״ת ויען יוסף א או״ח ר. עמק התשובה ו, קיז.




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