If one washed and ate only a tiny piece of bread (they did not like the bread) is one supposed to say Birchas Hamazon? If not, what does one Bentch? (They ate other foods in this meal as well).


All articles of food combine to make up a Kazayis. So, if you ate half a Kazayis of something that requires the after-Brachah, Borei Nefashos Rabbos, and then you ate another half a Kazayis of a food after which the “Meyayn Shalosh” is said or even if you ate half a Kazayis of bread, you recite the after-Brachah, Borei Nefashos Rabbos.

The same ruling applies if you ate half a Kazayis of fruit after which the Brachah Al Ha’eitz is said, together with half a Kazayis of food after which the Berachah Al Hamichyah is said, or you ate half a Kazayis of bread; you should say Meyayn Shalosh.

If you ate half a Kazayis of a food after which the after-Brachah Al Hamichyah is said together with half a Kazayis of bread, you should recite Al Hamichyah as the after-Brachah.

Food and drink do not combine to make up the minimum quantity.



קצשו”ע סי’ נא סעי’ ד וסדר ברכת הנהנין פ”ח ה”ז.