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If a clean fleishik knife that is a ben yomo just cut onions and was then put in a blender filled with oranges. Is the status of the blender now Fleishig?


In my response I will assume, though this was not specified clearly, that the blender was originally Pareve.

L’chatchilla you should treat the blender as though it has become Feishig.

Of course, it can be kashered so it reverts back to its original pareve status.


שו״ע יו”ד צו א. וראה מג״א סתנ״א סקל״א ואבהעו״ז יו״ד סצ״ו סק״ג. וע”ע במש”ז או”ח תמז סקי״ג.

וראה כאן:

I cut an onion in half with a fleishige knife. Than I continued cutting it with a parve knife. What’s the din of the onion? What’s the din of the parve knife? Whoever eats that onion becomes fleishig?

וראה גם 2067 ו5768.




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