Can I use credit card points to pay Maaser?



I have a certain credit card that gives me rewards that can be turned into money.
If I have 100,000 points those points are worth $1000.

The company gives me two choices:
1) Get a $1000 check.
2) Make purchases on the credit card and use the 100,000 points to pay $1000 towards the credit card bill.

Now, I used the credit card to give $1000 to Tzedakah because I need to give $1000 Ma’aser.
Can I pay the $1000 bill with the points directly? Or do I first need to turn those 100,000 points into actual money, meaning they should give me an actual check for it, and only then pay the Tzedakah bill in order for it to be considered Ma’aser?

P.S. In the first instance where I can pay with the points, do I now owe the $100 additional of Ma’aser for the value of those points?



1. You may pay it directly with the points.

2. You now owe an additional $100 of Maaser for the value of those points.



ראה שו״ת  חקרי לב יו”ד חלק ג’ סי’ קב, משנה הלכות ח”ו סי’ קצ”ט, משנת המשפט (שוורץ) הל’ צדקה ע’ תפב, ועוד.