Can I throw out my Schach and Daled Minim?


Once Sukkos has passed, the Schach may be used for any purpose, although it is appropriate to avoid stepping on the Schach or using it for a disrespectful purpose.

One is allowed to (in a respectable way – leaving in a separate pile than the rest of the garbage) throw out ‘תשמישי מצוה’. [With the exception of wicks for the Menorah].

However, there is a Minhag to use them to burn the Chometz or for some other Mitzvah, for once it is used for one Mitzvah it should be used for another Mitzvah. This is not a Chiyuv though.

Shulchan Aruch Admor HaZaken states that because it is appropriate to use an object that was used for one Mitzvah for the sake of an additional Mitzvah, some are accustomed to using the Aravos that were struck against the ground on Hoshana Rabbah to burn the Chametz on Erev Pesach. Others use the Aravos to fuel the oven used to bake Matzos (this custom is explained in Likkutei Levi Yitzchak, vol. 2, p. 296). The Frierdiker Rebbe relates that in practice, the Schach was burned in the bath house, soon after Sukkos. The Lulav and Hosha’anos were burned on an ordinary weekday and was not kept to burn with the Chametz.



ראה שוע”ר סי’ כא סעי’ א ובסי’ מב סעי’ ו ובס’ מנהג ישראל תורה סי’ תמה.

שוע”ר סי’ מה סעי’ ו.

שוע”ר סי’ תרלח סעי’ יט.