“And the Living Will Take To Heart”: Letter from the Badatz




BH Parshas Achrei Mois Kedoishim 5780

“And the Living Will Take To Heart”

From the Beis Din Secretarariat

On behalf of the Rabbonim, Morei D’asra and Members Of The Beis Din, Horav Avrohom Osdobo and Horav Yosef Braun Shlita:


Together with all Crown Heights Residents we are shocked and in horror over all the recent tragedies and especially the passing of the Rov, Moro D’asra and Member of the Beis Din Horav Ahron Yaakov Schwei A”H.

געוואלד געוואלד! עד מתי?! עד מתי?! עד מתי?!

We are certain that Hashem will send true comfort to the families and to the community and we will see IYH how Hashem will send us the true comfort with the coming of Moshiach NOW!

It is our duty to learn and take lesson from the life of the departed; we therefore encourage the community to strengthen in all aspects of Torah and Mitzvos and in particular to learn Mishnayos – Mishna possesses the same letters as Neshama – in memory of all those that have passed away and specifically in memory of Harav Aharon Yaacov Schwei. Preferably, one should learn 8 chapters, chapters which begin with the letters of the name, Aharon Yaakov.

We would also like to remind all once again about the suggestion to unite together each day at 4:00 P.M (EST) with the recitation of Tehillim as it is divided according to the days of the week and with the giving of Tzedaka. (If not possible, recite it throughout the day and even in the evening.)

It is incumbent upon us to learn from the unique qualities of the Niftar, Rabbi Schwei, his dedication to the pursuit of peace and spreading Torah.

It is well known, that for many years – the 17 years since he was elected to serve as Rov in our neighborhood, and even earlier – Rabbi Schwei used extraordinary effort to follow in the path of Aharon HaCohen of ahavas Yisreal, to pursue peace and bring peace between people, and between husband and wife. And in the way of Yaakov Avinu who sent [Yehuda] ahead of him, he constantly spread Torah and encouraged others to study Torah, and through that brought people closer to Hashem.

May Hashem hear our pleas and send us the Geulah when death will be swallowed up forever, Now Mamosh!