Do I need to wear a mask to avoid a potential Chillul Hashem?


Full Question:

I generally wear a mask indoors in stores, etc. because of its protective effect (especially for others). I have the following shaila – When it comes to outdoors, I found out that the official NY State rule is that one must wear a mask outside if social distancing is not possible, meaning, if you are walking down the street without people around you, you don’t have to wear one. However, most goyim have been machmir to wear them at all times outside. If I don’t wear one outside, even though I’m abiding by the rule, is this a potential chillul Hashem because of how the goyim will see me? Does the “official rule” matter here?



There is no Halachic requirement to do so at all times, since as you mentioned there are no such instructions, neither medically nor legally. But you may wish to do so if you want to be stringent. One possible suggestion is to wear it on your chin, so that onlookers know that you are particular about this matter, and pull it above your chin unto your mouth and nose when social distancing is not possible.