May one substitute a shower for Negel Vasser in the morning before saying Asher Yotzar?


We are required to wash our hands upon awakening in order to remove forces of impurity that cleave to our bodies during sleep, as well as in order to purify ourselves to serve Hashem and pray. Following washing, we recite a blessing (“al netilas yodaim”) followed by “asher yotazr” and the subsequent morning blessings.

The forces of impurity do not leave until they are washed 3 times with a cup, thus a shower does not suffice.

However one should remove the impurity as soon as possible, but not recite a blessing until taking care of one’s bodily needs, thus the proper sequence should be: Modeh Ani, washing of hands without the blessing (many wash before getting out of bed), bodily needs, shower, washing of hands with a blessing.


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ראה שו”ע אדה”ז ס”ד סעיפים א, ד, כא. סימן ו ס”א. ובסידור.