Can I learn with a non Lubavitcher Kallah Teacher



I, as well as my chosson are devoted chassidim of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. There is a kallah teacher that I am very close to that is Chassidish (non-Lubavitch). She is willing to learn halachos al pi minhag chabad for the sake of my classes. Is it OK or advisable to take classes with this teacher given my closeness and comfort with her and her willingness to learn our minhagim?



Mazal tov, may you build a Binyan Adei Ad.

There is no problem learning with that kalla teacher, on the contrary – there is a great advantage in learning with someone you are close with, due to the nature of the topic.

Of particular importance is to learn the Alter Rebbe’s opinion on vestos, most particularly “veses haflaga”, as well as the topic of kinuach.

I also suggest you spend time with a Chabad Kallah teacher to understand the Chassidus outlook on marriage and intimacy.

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